Baopals Clothing Sizes

Every type of clothing imaginable (and millions that are unimaginable) can be found on Baopals at incredible prices. However, a common concern is whether or not the clothes will fit. One of the first things that expats notice when they make the China move is that their underwear size has “upgraded” from M to XXL. After the initial panic of thinking that your person has gained a solid 20 kilos on the plane ride over, you realize that clothing sizes are different and inconsistent in China.

Luckily for you, Baopals is here to show you how to find great clothes with a great fit. Follow the steps below and before long you’ll be able to stock your wardrobe with dapper clothing without breaking the bank!

Always start with the Details tab.

The vast majority of clothing sellers offer their very own sizing charts. These charts are accurate due to the fact that sellers are incentivized to make sure that every item of clothing fits well as to reduce the amount of returns/refunds.

Scroll down to the additional product details below "Similar Products" and click on the Details tab. Once selected, various product images and additional text will begin to populate the page:

Begin scrolling down and enjoy the photos until you find the seller’s sizing chart:

Tip: If you are unable to find a sizing chart, then we advise you to exercise caution before purchasing. Try looking for alternatives or contact us via WeChat, Q&A, or email for additional sizing help.

Clothing dimensions are almost always given in centimeters while weight is almost always given in jin 斤 which is 0.5kg. Use the cheat sheet below to decipher any mystery Chinese sizes.

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