Direct Deliveries

How It Works

When shopping on Baopals, all of your purchased items are shipped directly from the Taobao and Tmall sellers to your shipping address.

Note: Deliveries in China tend to come in the morning and early afternoon, so if you are in an office most days, please consider using your office address for shipping. In addition, packaging is not consolidated. This means if you order items from multiple sellers, expect multiple deliveries.

Once your item has shipped out you can begin tracking your order. Don't be alarmed if you are seeing the message ""Your order has not yet shipped. You’ll see updates here once it does." Some sellers are a little slower to ship out than others. If you still see not seeing any results after 48 hours, please contact us by clicking Need Help? when viewing your Order History and we will help track down your order.

When your package is being dispatched to your address, it is possible that the delivery man will give you a ring. If you are unable to communicate in Chinese, you may want to update your contact information by providing a number of a helpful friend that can handle delivery calls. To edit your contact info please click here.

In the event that you missed a call from the delivery man and you see that your package has been marked as "received" or "delivered", please take the following steps:

  1. Check your phone for any text messages from delivery personnel.
  2. Check any cabinets near your door. Delivery men are known to hide packages in the immediate vicinity.
  3. Check with your reception and/or security. Ask if your compound has a package drop off location, such as a Sposter Locker.

If you are unable to find your package(s) after taking the above steps, please contact us by clicking Need Help? when viewing your Order History.