Follow the Breadcrumbs!

You probably find most products on Baopals in one of two ways: searching for them, or browsing Baopals' departments. But there's another useful way to find products, especially when searches aren't yielding the right results, or enough of them.

Breadcrumbs are what we call the navigation links near the top of any product page. They show you Taobao/Tmall categories and subcategories that your product is grouped in.

In some cases, breadcrumbs can be the best way to discover products in a particular category. For example, let's say you're looking for a gift for a friend that has a birthday coming up. They are a big fan of maneki-neko (lucky cats), and your search turns up some good results.

Take a look at one of the lucky cats, and you'll notice some tasty breadcrumbs leading you to the categories for Creative Gifts and Festive Supplies & Gifts.

From there, you can explore thousands upon thousands of fun gifts and party decorations.

Thanks, breadcrumbs!