Got A Question About A Product?

When browsing through items on Baopals, you may have a question about a product. And while you can always look through the Product Details when viewing a product for additional photos and information, you might have a question that requires direct communication with the seller.

That's where the Baopals Q&A team comes in!

Our team is available to help communicate with the seller of any product on our website in Chinese to get you an answer to any questions you might have. We generally have a very high response rate from sellers, and our mission is to respond to every question within 24 hours.

Some commonly asked questions are:

- What is the weight and/or size of this product?
- Is this product available in English?
- What are the differences between the different product options?
- Does this product come assembled or will I need to assemble it myself?

So go ahead, ask away! When your question is answered, you will receive an e-mail with the answer and have the option to follow up by asking another question if you'd like.

Please note that we are also unable to offer estimated delivery times for products due to the different factors that can affect shipping time. However, we push sellers to ship within 48 hours and most items arrive within several days. If there's an expected delay in delivery, such as for international orders, we will contact you to let you know.

Happy Shopping!

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