How Baopals Works

Baopals is Taobao and Tmall for the rest of us. We have unlocked the gates to the world’s largest online marketplace, with over 800 million products to choose from.

Everything is in English, finding the products you want is a cinch, and our friendly service team is with you every step of the way - giving you the ultimate shopping experience in China.



Search for products in your language of choice, or browse Baopals’ departments to find virtually anything you need at the best prices imaginable.


Choose what you want, how you want it. Baopals makes it easy for you to find your favorite products - local and foreign - from the most trusted sellers. You can also use the Q&A section on any product page to ask our team for more information about that product.


Deliveries in China can be a pain! We make it as smooth as possible by coordinating with delivery providers when necessary, and giving you a choice between direct delivery or convenient pickup.


Just by signing up, we’ll give you 25 Rmb off your first Baopals order. It’s our way of welcoming you to your new go-to shopping platform.


Pay conveniently and securely on mobile or PC with our easy payment options. All in English of course!


Track your order with live English updates and enjoy your Baopals purchase!


Shopping on Baopals means that our team has your back. We review every order to make sure it ships quickly. If there are any potential issues, we contact you in advance to help you make informed decisions. Our team also tracks down items, follows up with couriers, coordinates returns and refunds, and assists in any way we can. Our service fee - 5% plus 8 RMB on the first item quantity - is already included in the price of every product. On Baopals, you can rest easy knowing the pals are there to ensure you get what you order.