Product Returns and Refunds

While the concept of product returns can be daunting in China, here at Baopals we do our best to make it an effortless experience.

Most return issues lie with errors made by Taobao sellers or products damaged by the not so delicate treatment of deliverymen. Whenever this is the case, action must be taken toward the accountable party.

Here’s what you need to make the process as simple as possible!

At Baopals we do not offer returns, refunds or exchanges for the following items:
- Underwear, swimsuits, adult toys, masks and other private items
- Any items under 50 RMB listed without a Tmall Seller Badge

Sellers that have not been verified as a Tmall Seller can have fickle return policies, so keep en eye out for that handy Tmall Seller Badge when looking at products. Here’s what it looks like:

The Tmall Seller Badge ensures that the seller will have a legitimate return policy. Please note that in most cases, you will need to cover the cost of returning the item. To calculate these costs through SF Express, please click here.

So, you’ve received your item eligible for a refund, and unfortunately are not completely satisfied with it. Luckily for you, Baopals has staff trained to negotiate and fight with the most tenacious of sellers and couriers in order to get your refund.

Note: We do not coordinate product exchanges (e.g. for a change in size), but instead obtain refunds. Exchange items are not able to be tracked, and are slow to ship out as sellers wait to receive the original item. A refund provides the fastest resolution, and a new order can be placed for the desired exchange option. 

Here are a few things you can can do to increase the chances of a successful return and refund:

1. Be prompt
Baopals customers are eligible for a refund/return 5 days after receiving the product. Sellers have differing return policies, but all are time sensitive. The longer you wait to return an item, the less likely it becomes for us to successfully negotiate a return and refund.

2. Provide evidence
If a product arrives damaged or the item doesn’t seem to be what you purchased, then send us as much visual evidence as possible. With photo and/or video evidence, the likelihood of baopals securing your refund increases dramatically. If we are only given anecdotal evidence the chances are slim.

3. Keep everything intact
Keep the item in the same condition as upon delivery. Once there are signs of use, sellers become much more reluctant to issue refunds. For all items, try to keep the original packaging. With clothing items, make sure that the original tags are still in place.

Check your package on arrival in the presence of the courier!

If your item arrives broken or in an unsatisfactory condition, you can reject the delivery, and the liability for the broken product will fall completely on the delivery company. Find out more information on rejecting packages here.

Failure to reject a broken product can lead to a complicated blame game dialogue between you, the seller, the delivery company, and the mitigator, Baopals. In this event, the refund outcome becomes uncertain.

Let’s get you that refund!

To submit a return request, go to your orders page and click "Need Help?" next to the item you'd like to return. Select "I'd like to return this item for a refund" from the dropdown menu under "Request Form". Follow the directions and submit your request! After your request is submitted, our team will contact the seller and begin processing your request. We will follow up with you by email to notify you of any updates.