Rejecting Packages

Buying anything in China can be a bit scary, and the scare factor can be compounded when you don’t have the opportunity to physically see and inspect a particular product before handing over your hard earned cash. That’s why we here at Baopals try to do everything in our power to make sure that you don’t only get your product, but the product itself is up to your standard of quality.

While it’s impossible to physically inspect the goods before purchasing, we’re here to show you the next best thing. You have the power to reject packages and obtain a full refund or a replacement.

When the delivery man arrives to drop off your package, don’t let him run away immediately. You can open your packages in front of him. If your product appears damaged, incorrect, to be of poor quality, or you simply don’t like it, you can reject the package and the delivery man will return it to the seller free of charge!

Once you’ve rejected a package please contact us at or by leaving us a note by using the request form on your orders page. Please let us know which item it is that you sent back and whether you are wanting a full refund or replacement. We’ll get in touch with the seller and make everything just right.