Setting Up Alipay

As an expat, it used to be quite difficult to set up Alipay, but the process has gotten a whole lot easier recently, not least because the interface now has English!

As with WeChat, paying on Baopals with Alipay is a cinch, and only involves using the Alipay app to scan a QR code. Currently Alipay checkout will only work on a computer, so if you're shopping on your phone, we recommend going through Baopals official WeChat account and using WeChat Pay for the smoothest experience.

Please note: While shopping on the WeChat mobile browser, it is not possible to pay with Alipay.

Setting Up Your Account

First you must download Alipay (支付宝/zhifubao) from the the Android or iOs app store. It will automatically set to English if your phone is set to English. Once downloaded when you first open the app your will be presented with the sign in screen.


Signing in should take you to the app's homepage. Congrats - your account has been created!

Next you'll want to add a bank card so that you can actually pay for things. To do this, first select the Me tab. Once in the Me tab, select Bank Card to add a new card.

Note: To proceed you must have a valid Chinese bank account with a UnionPay debit card.



If you encounter the popup below, the app is asking you to setup a payment PIN code, please press the right side button, as highlighted.

Once you've setup your PIN, you'll be taken to the page below. Enter your UnionPay Bank Card Number, and press the next button highlighted.

After entering your bank card number, fill in the details for your account, and identification. Make sure the name you enter exactly matches your name that is registered on your bank account. Then select the ID Type field and you will receive a popup - these options are in Chinese. You'll want to select the passport option (we're guessing you don't have Chinese ID), so select the option highlighted above, then enter your passport number.

Finally, enter the phone number that is registered with your bank account. Once all details are filled in, Click the blue Next button at the bottom of the page, and it will take a few seconds to link your bank account to your Alipay account. That's it, you're all set up!

Now you can shop on Baopals using Alipay, and you can of course use your Alipay account in many other ways and places around China! Enjoy!