The Baopals Summer Department Is Here!

The Baopals Summer Department is officially in full swing! We’ve got everything you need to make the most of your summer and survive the heat wave. Let’s take a look at some highlights of the department!

We've got every style imaginable of women's swimsuits, and tons of options for men's and children's swimwear as well. If you plan on heading to the beach or a local pool, be sure to check out our selection of beach toys for the little ones and inner tubes for adults. Just don't forget to wear plenty of sunscreen!

It might be hot and sticky outside, but ladies can still rock a cute outfit from our selection of sundresses, tank tops, mini skirts and sunglasses. For men, we have t-shirts, shorts, and sunglasses. Pick up a pair of flip flops or some cute sandals to tie the outfit together.

Make sure your home is stocked up with everything you need to keep cool indoors. Browse our vast selection of fans or portable air conditioners, and you'll be grateful you did when temps hit 40 degrees this summer. A blender is the perfect addition to make cold, refreshing smoothies and juice blends all summer long.

Throw the perfect summer barbecue with all of the equipment you need, from a grill to a handy cooler. Stay hydrated with some delicious fruit juice, or grab some alcoholic beverages from our alcohol department.

Happy shopping, and have a great summer!