What Are Baopals Communities & How Do They Work?

Baopals Communities

Baopals Communities are a place where questions can be answered, knowledge can be shared, debates can be waged... anything your heart desires. We're giving Baopals users the tools to build their own communities, create posts, share collections, interact with one another and find out what the Baopals community is up to.

A community gives you the opportunity to discuss anything related to a specific topic. For example, a shopper created the #under100rmb community to discuss the best products on Baopals that cost less than 100rmb. You can essentially create a community on any topic, and the most popular communities will be featured on the homepage.

When you first check out the Community page, you are given the option to create a post or create a community.

When you create a post, you are given the option to add it to a community. Post content includes but is not limited to questions, product reviews, helpful advice and more.

When you create a community, you are required to write a post or tag a collection in order to create it. As previously mentioned, you have a lot of flexibility in what content you choose to post. And if you aren't already familiar with collections, they allow you to create and save lists of products you like for yourself and/or want to share with others.

To kick things off, all users are invited to the first Baopals community: #thelounge. This will serve as a general community for Baopals users to interact and get familiar with the platform.

You may choose to leave this community if you'd like, or feel free to stay in it and create your own new communities on topics you're specifically interested in. You'll see your communities in the righthand column on the Community homepage or under "me" in the mobile menu, along with your basic profile information.

Real-Time Notifications

Baopals Notifications make it a breeze to stay updated on your orders, but you will also receive notifications related to your activity in Baopals Communities. Get notified when Baopals users reply to your posts, like your collections, and more.

Feel free to customize your notification settings to your liking.

We look forward to seeing new communities emerge, giving like-minded shoppers the chance to connect, share, and discover!