Why Are Some Products on Baopals Unavailable?

While shopping on Baopals, you might notice from time to time that a product you're viewing contains the text: This product is unavailable.

There are several reasons why a product might not be available for purchase on Baopals:

  1. The product is prohibited due to the nature of the item. Prohibited items include weapons, illicit drugs and paraphernalia, explosive substances or devices, and flammable or corrosive liquids.
  2. The product is an imported item and the seller has placed restrictions on its availability.
  3. The product is considered a prescription medication or other restricted medicinal product.
  4. The product has recently been removed by the Taobao or Tmall seller and may or may not be available again in the future.
  5. The product has been verified by the Baopals team as being unreliable or disingenuous.

You might be wondering why these products appear on Baopals at all if they are unavailable for purchase. This is due to Baopals' nature as a bridge to all Taobao and Tmall products and sellers. As we cannot remove products from Taobao or Tmall, we cannot remove products from Baopals. If it exists there, it exists here. What we can do instead is make every effort to identify problematic products and proactively restrict them from being purchased.

If you ever have a question about a product you wish to purchase, be sure to use the Q&A section on that product so a pal can see to it right away. For general help, you can always shoot an email to support@baopals.com and we'll be happy to assist.