10 Essentials For Surviving This Smog Season

What are the things that come to mind when you think of winter? Snowflakes, mulled wine, or ugly Christmas sweaters? Well, if you live in China, odds are that “smog” may also appear on your list. But don’t worry, here is our list of 10 essentials to help you live smog-free.

AQBlue Mask

Simple, effective, affordable, and fashionable! Who doesn’t like a pop of color?

Blueair JOY Purifier

The JOY model provides great air purification without looking like your office printer. Perfect fit for your stylish home.

ID Mask

A pricier option but it offers a perfect fit for any face shape. You’ll love it.

Laser Egg 2 Smart Air Quality Monitor

PM2.5 can’t hide. Accurate measurements gives you the peace of mind you really want when it’s smoggy outside and not inside.

Midea Electric Fan

Even the most powerful purifiers sometimes cannot reach every corner of the room. Introduce a portable fan to complement your purifier and ensure higher air quality. Talk about a dream team.

Draft Stopper

Even the most powerful air purifier cannot help a house with drafty windows. Give your house a makeover with these “smog stoppers”.

Airburg Fresh Air System

If purifiers don’t satisfy you, get a fresh air system. HomeKit enabled, it works great together with the Laser Egg!

Evaporative Humidifier

If you live in the north, winter can dry you out like a mummy. Pick the right humidifier that does not create PM2.5 -- it’s real science.

Moon Shaped Light

Feeling depressed because of the smoggy and gloomy weather? Add this little decoration to your house for enjoyment. Remember to smile.

Cheap Flight Ticket for a Quick Getaway

Well, this is for sure not a long term solution. But, YOLO, treat yourself.

Guest writer Laura Lian has lived in Beijing since 2008. She’s survived through ‘Airpocalypse’ and is out to find and share the best ways to protect against China’s smoggy air.