10 Pawsome Cat & Dog Outfits

We love our pets, some of us perhaps beyond what is considered "normal" or "healthy". That being said, it's only natural that we would want them looking their best. Here are some clothing options that will have your little darling dressed to the nines.

Large Dog FBI Sweatshirt

The canine department of the FBI stands for Federal Butt Investigator.

Straw Hat For Cats

This cat is officially cooler than we are.

Sailor Costume

Off to the sea they go!

Rockstar Dog Costume

It's a ruff world out there in show biz. (Wig not included.)

Hawaiian Shirt

Gotta get that summer vibe!

Waterproof Costume

Don't catch a cold!

Floral Dog Kimono

The best for spring when cherry blossoms are everywhere

Thin Hoodie Style

Too cool for school