9 Things to Have in Your Kitchen This Summer

Summertime means cold drinks, ice cream, and fun in the sun. Here are ten products to have in your kitchen so you can make the most of it.

Blend & Go Fruit Juice Mixer

After blending, you can simply cap the bottle and take it with you for a smoothie on the go.

Xiaomi Water Purifier

Instead of ordering big jugs of water (or worse, cycling through bottles every other day) slap a water purifier on to your faucet and boom - unlimited drinking water!

Goodway Sandwich Maker

Make some easy grilled cheese sandwiches and take them to your next picnic in the park.

Ice Cream Maker

Without ice cream, there would be darkness and chaos. Make your own ice cream and help shield the world from evil.

Lock & Lock Sealed Tupperware

You can't beat a nice set of tupperware for keeping your food fresh and ready to take to the park.

Harold Ceramic Knives Set

Ceramic knives are 100% stainless, impervious to acids and oils, lightweight, easy to clean and a great addition to your cutlery.

2-In-1 Toaster & Egg Cooker

A toaster with a built-in egg cooker. This changes...everything!

Cyclone Shake & Cocktail Mixer

Mix like a pro bartender with an automatic mixer, great for cocktails and protein shakes - depending on the day of the week.

Daiso Dish Cleaning Brush

Make use of the detergent compartment and you have a simple and cute little cleaning device!

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