10 Totally Legit Beauty Treatments

We scoured our website for the best beauty treatments in the biz. Improve your appearance and gain the admiration and respect of your peers with just a few simple steps.

Pinch your nose in this contraption for 20 minutes per day to get a higher, more shapely nose. Just don't forget to breathe with your mouth.

We don't recommend bathing in this serum, although we have to admit that Yeti does look rather elegant.

The Wonder Patch


These before and after photos are not Photoshopped whatsoever. Wonder Patches will turn you into Wonder Women in just a few uses!

This face mask will give your face's acupuncture points a light massage to increase blood circulation and make it look like you haven't stepped outside in years.

Reshape your face and get yourself a ticket to skip the gym. This face mask use physiotherapy technology that will help to enhance your beautiful face by firming & shaping it painlessly.

Lift your face and your self-confidence up high by using intelligent EMS micro electronic technology to massage and relax your face muscles.

In ancient China fairies have always had incredibly long eyebrows. It turns out that they aren't magical, they were just using this serum.

Cut your Botox bill in half with this magical roller. It claims to vibrate 6,000 times per minute, transmitting serum into your skin to make you looks 10 years younger.

Did you know that if you keep your mouth open for the entire day your face will get slimmer? It's probably because it will make eating anything incredibly difficult.

Get as many eyelids as you want by applying this gel to your eyelid, using a small stick to create the double eyelid shape and then peeling it off gently.