11 Things to Add to Your Bedroom

Whether sound asleep or up all night, your bedroom is a sanctuary. Keep yourself calm, comfortable and cozy with these 11 picks from the Baopals staff.

Universal Phone & Tablet Cradle


If you’re going to be staring at a screen all day (or night), at least do so in comfort. Get ready to bring your Angry Birds game to a whole new level. Check out more gadget holders from Changjian.

Dapu Fitted Cotton Bedspread

From ¥111.95

There are few things in life better than sinking into a bed with nice freshly fitted sheets. Do yourself a favor and start sleeping in luxury.

Honeywell Air Touch Home Purifier


Go ahead and extend your life by a couple of years by breathing in non-toxic air at home. The Honeywell Air Purifier efficiently removes allergens, dust, and other pollutants; purifying your air within two hours.

Humidors Handmade Cigar Box


This is how you ball on a budget. Cigars, mustache and silk robe not included.

1.5m Long Memory Foam Pillow

From ¥91.90

Thanks to this ultra-comfortable 1.5 meter long memory foam pillow, the days of having your head slip between pillows is over.

Kawasima Home Dehumidifier


The Kawasima CF-23B will rid the air of moisture in no time, safeguarding your treasures from mold and mildew and allowing you the rare pleasure of not sitting in your own summer sweat.

9PiG Alloy Shadow Lamps


Set the stage for your epic shadow puppet spectacle with these snazzy Shadow LED Lamps. Powered by two AA batteries and less than 70 RMB a piece, what’s not to like?

Ifkoo S4 Bluetooth Stereo Speaker


Give your bedroom some proper sound with this mini stereo system by Ifkoo. Features touchpad controls, built-in mic for calls, multi-directional sound, and a six-hour battery life for when you take it with you.

Snail Life Decorative Woodcraft

From ¥100.11

Add some calming serenity to your room with these lovely Nordic-style ornaments. If you're a creative type, you can purchase the stands by themselves and fill with your own decoration.

Kang Hao W128 Bladeless Fan


Did you know that bladless fans actually do have blades? Yep. They're just hidden in the base - the air is sucked up like a vacuum and then pushed outward. Regardless, they're super cool, and this quiet remote-controlled fan by Kang Hao is a great value.

Boox C67 Android E-Reader


Ask virtually anyone with an E-Reader and they'll tell you that ever since they got it, they started reading a whole lot more. You just can't beat the convenience of having so many books on one device, and getting new ones in a flash. At ¥636.95, the Boox by Onyx is friendlier to your wallet than the Kindle. 

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