12 Chinglish Tops & When To Wear Them

Clothing designers across this great nation have been practicing their English and creating these tops to help you express yourself in any situation.

URBAN Story It All Me You Kmow?

When you’re a hipster writer.

M DKPKRF PSLAD Casual Or Feminine Look

When design guidelines become the design.

Genius Otisnever Night Sleep

When your intellect is beyond compare.

Feels Like Flying

When you're peaking at the music festival.

I Need To Mail This Package.

When you absolutely must not forget to send a postcard home.

Like Near You Travel Together

When it's 3am at the hostel and you're confessing your love to the ukulele-playing backpacker.


When your cat punches random letters on the keyboard and completes your sweater.


When you're asking the tough questions.


When you're that one "fan" going wild at the sports bar even though you clearly don't follow the sport.

Blue Time All Season Special Price Up To 50% Off Welcome Universe

When you're holding a big sale for blue-skinned visitors from other planets.

Shoulo All Be Feminisis

When you're trying to show that feminism can improve literacy.


When your family asks how you're doing at life.