12 Condom Types To Explore

“If you’re going to have sex, use a condom.” – Dennis Rodman

Night Light Glow Condoms

Designed for safe and fun sex with the lights off. Surprise your partner and show off your glow tonight!


Size doesn't matter but it's still good to know what we're working with, right?

Jissbon Golden Love

These condoms claim to extend the length of your lovemaking. What's not to like?

Trojan Magnum XL

Available in Thin and Ecstasy versions for the XL guys out there.

Trojan Naturalamb Luxury Condoms

These condoms are latex-free, and are made from all natural membranes. Because they are not made from latex they do not protect against STIs so they are recommended only for monogamous couples.

Skyn Ultra-Thin

Their slogan is "The next best thing to wearing nothing". Find out if the claims are true!

Durex Tingle

Durex Tingle condoms are made with a special tingling mint lube. Keep it fresh!

Durex Strawberry

They're strawberry flavored, so get creative!

Durex Love

These thin condoms have had their strength lab tested and are suitable for anal sex.

Durex Fetherlite Warming

Durex Featherlite condoms are 20% thinner than other types and come with a warming pleasure gel to enhance sensation.

Durex Pleasuremax

These condoms are both ribbed and dotted for enhanced sensation and more pleasurable sex.

Durex Air

The thinnest condoms ever developed by Durex.