12 “Creative” Exercise Tools You Didn’t Know You Needed

During this age of staring mindlessly at our phones for hours on end, ordering junk food to your front door and sleepily battling the crowds on the metro…it’s easy to forget to partake in the things that actually keep us alive and kicking; fruit, vegetables, sleep, exercise, that kind of thing. But forget no longer! With these 12 important fitness essentials, you’ll be ready to run a marathon or take on Anthony Joshua in the ring! (Disclaimer: Don’t actually try and take on AJ in the ring).

Fitness Swing Balls

Not only do these strange rods come in a range of colors, but they’ll keep both you and your cat amused for hours!

Groin Stretcher

This metal contraption will help you to do the splits like you’ve always wanted, and stretch out those pesky groin strains.

Hydraulic Arm Trainer

Tone up your biceps, triceps, and core with this hydraulic piece of kit…why hydraulic you ask? Why not?

Finger Strength Trainer

Our favorite thing about this item is that you can choose "Vigorously Professional Level" of finger strength from the product options...

Finger Trainer

Try very hard not to laugh at this…it’s a serious bit of kit for the serious fingerer.

Philippians 4:13 Weightlifting Belt

Lift anything with Jesus by your side.


Ab Plate with Wheels

It may look like a kid’s toy, but your abs will never look better!

Butt Trainer

Yes that’s right…tone those butt muscles in comfort!

The Shake Weight

This should never have existed, but it does. And you need it.

Fat Loss Belt

Lose weight without putting any effort in!

Resistance Band

Stretch till something rips.

Pogo Stick

Because who said exercise should be boring?!

Guest blogger Johnny Roastbeef was born in New York City and has always enjoyed working with large groups of people. His hobbies include fast cars and knot-tying.