9 Easy Gifts For Anyone

Behold... the perfect gift for anyone you're socially obligated to buy a gift for but don't really know very well. It will seem like you put a lot of thought into it, when in reality all you did was pick something at random from this article. You're welcome!

Fake iPhone Gift

Open it up to find an iPhone box, fapiao and other certificates of authenticity. But instead of an iPhone, there's a box of condoms inside.

Cocktail Shaker With Drink Recipes

This is the perfect gift for someone you generally only see in social situations that involve the consumption of alcohol.

2019 Notebook Planner

You can never go wrong with a simple planner to help the random person your mom says you have to buy a gift for stay organized.

Rocket Ship Desktop Calendar

Pass the time in style with this fun calendar that will make the week go by just a little bit faster.

Faux Leather Business Card Holder

This is a good gift for pretty much anyone that has a job and networks outside of WeChat. Actually, wait...does anybody live like that anymore?

Sir Edward's Blended Scotch Whisky, 200ml

Buying a large bottle of whisky for someone you barely know might be out of your budget, but a mini bottle is generally quite affordable.

Disco Ball Bluetooth Speaker

Anyone with working ears and eyeballs will appreciate this gift.

Alligator House Slippers

One pair for you, one pair for your sweetie.

Golden Ceramic Mug

Avid coffee or tea drinkers (aka "most people") can always appreciate a nice mug.

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