12 Essential Products For Lazy People

We understand that life is short. Don't waste any time staying awake, cleaning or doing any other simple and mundane tasks around the home with these handy tools to help you stay lazier than ever!
Multi-Functional Phone Holder

It can also double as a selfie stick if you ever decide to leave the house and want to document the occasion.

Creative Party Hat

Now your hands can be free to hold more beers!

USB Mini Refrigerator

There's no need to leave the couch and make the lengthy journey to the refrigerator anymore. Think of all you could be doing with the time you save!

Self Stirring Mug

Save some precious energy usually spent moving your wrist in a circular motion while holding a spoon.

Apple Peeler Set

Don't worry, you can now get the apples delivered too.

USB Keyboard Vacuum Cleaner

Because there are probably some crumbs wedged in your keyboard from those cookies you were snacking on last night.

Automatic Toothpaste Holder

Sorry, we have yet to find a machine that will brush your teeth for you. But this is the next best thing.

Convenient Clothes Folder

We just included this one for fun. We know you don't fold your clothes!

Boyfriend Arm Pillow

Finding and maintaining a boyfriend requires a lot of time and energy. Why not use that time and energy to take naps with a boyfriend pillow instead?

Hair Dryer Holder

Your arms are delicate, and shouldn't have to lift a heavy hairdryer.

Washable Mopping Slippers

You're going to walk around your apartment all day anyways, so why not get some cleaning done at the same time?

Smart Rug Alarm Clock

In the morning, this soft rug will turn into a loud alarm clock that will only turn off when you stand on it. That's some tough love!