12 Fun Ways To Distract Yourself At Work

Feeling stressed and overwhelmed at work? We all know what that’s like. All of these toys are small, unique and can fit right on your desk. They can brighten up your day, and help alleviate stress. Use them wisely.

3d Rubik's Cube Maze

This cube will keep you focused for hours... focused on getting it opened.

Giant Enter Button

Feel confident and happy when submitting any work. Also gives you an excuse to smash something.

Mini Punching Bag

Pretend this punching bag is your boss, your colleagues, your mother-in-law...the list goes on!

Eye Popping Stress Balls

Buy this if you look like this at the end of a long work day.

Sticky Hands Toy

Sometimes we all just need to throw something at the window.

Magnet Balance Toy

This one is for anyone needing inspiration. Try to knock her down, and she will keep getting back up.

Blowing Ball Toy

Keep your eye on the ball.

Physics Swinging Ball Toy

Bring a more formal 90s vibe to your workspace.

Mini Basketball Hoop

Place it above the recycling bin and try to score with your latest performance review.

Extra Mini Basketball Game

This version is even smaller, and can be easily brought to long meetings.

Soft Nap Pillow

The greatest distraction of all? Passing out for a few hours at your desk.

Beer Pong Kit

If you are ready to give up altogether, go set this up in the nearest conference room.