12 Imported Snacks Perfect For The Office

We’ve found several unique snacks that are perfect for munching on in the office. They’ll keep you happy and productive, as long as you keep them in a desk drawer with a lock on it so your colleagues don’t think about stealing them!

The perfect guilt-free cracker, made with whole grain rye flour that will help keep you full between meals. Best of all, they're sturdy so they won't crumble to bits when you put your favorite spread on them.

Satisfy your cravings throughout the day for something salty, sweet or crunchy without going out and buying something salty, something sweet and something crunchy.

Oh peanut butter...is there anything you don't taste delicious on? Many people swear by Pic's because it's just what good peanut butter should be: peanuts and salt!

We don't really need to explain why this could come in handy during a long day at the office.

No time to eat before you head off to work in the morning? Grab yourself a bowl, add a hearty amount of these oats, milk or water and whatever fixings you like. Pop it in the microwave for a few minutes and you'll find yourself with the perfect healthy breakfast!

We are big fans of Kind Bars in the Baopals office! These fun sized options are perfect for snacking and are a healthier alternative to a midday candy bar.

When's the last time you ate noodles without any additives, preservatives or MSG in China?

Make your boring meeting go by faster with some secret snacking. If your boss catches you, just offer him/her some and they will probably give you a promotion.

Eat it straight out of the box, or with some milk or yogurt. It's also a great source of fiber to keep you full when that post-lunch hunger kicks in at around 3pm.

There is nothing worse than feeling a cold coming on right ahead of a big week at work. Fight back with an extra boost of vitamin C and you'll be back to killin' it in no time!

Snack on chips all you want at work, without feeling any guilt whatsoever. Just make sure they're kale chips!

Use a handful of coconut chips to bribe coworkers or the intern into helping you with some extra work!