12 Products To Satisfy Your Quirky Side

You might recognize some of these products as items you already use or have seen around. The only difference is that these finds are a bit more creative and different!

Don't have time to get a manicure? These socks will guarantee your feet are still looking their best.

Add an elegant, creative touch to handwritten notes, your personal journal or scrapbook.

When you want to add a little green to your office table but are too lazy to water it everyday.

The classiest dog you will ever see.

Diver Tea Filter


Let the diver do his job and enjoy some perfectly steeped tea.

Keep it low key.

A true hero!

Set aside your potato chip snacking habit for something more practical, like blowing your nose or wiping dust.

We don't get to see many stars in the big city. Bring the stars to you with this sweet night light.

No Face Piggy Bank


We all know how much No Face loves to eat. How about giving him some of your extra coins to snack on?

Power banks can get pretty darn creative. Here is one of our favorites.

Flip through its intricately decorated pages and fill it with things you love. Includes 12 colored pencils.