12 Stylish Shoes to Get Men Through Winter

It’s that time of the year again: temperatures fall and most of us are ready to sacrifice aesthetics for convenience. During winter, we’ve all probably preferred the utility of a bulky old-fashioned boot over the look of a sporty, trendy sneaker silhouette. But who says you can't have both in one?

With winter upon us, we bring you 12 winter shoes that we consider a perfect match for low temperatures. And they’re stylish too.

Say goodbye to your old bricks!

Nike Air Force 1s

The Game Changer
We all know the classic Air Force 1 from Nike, but we’ve never seen it so well adapted to cold weather. By upgrading its materials with Gore-Tex membranes, this basketball sneaker is both winter-ready and stylish.

Camel Hiking Shoes

The Explorer
Durable, water-resistant, and full of cushion. Exactly what you need to survive a mountain hike or just a cold walk to work. Expect nothing less from Camel.

Dickies Leather Chelsea Boots

The Versatile
Switch up your outfits by wearing these elegant leather Chelsea boots and level up your style by opting for this timeless piece. This clean, sleek silhouette will allow you to wear literally any style, from casual clothes to classy suits.

Timberland Yellow Boots

The Iconic
Good resistance against rain, slush or snow has always been Timberland’s trademark. And if that wasn’t enough, they still look cool and authentic after almost 50 years. A must-have for Christmas!

Military Canvas Shoes

The Military
Inspired by Kanye West’s latest Yeezy Season Boot Collections, these military canvas boots will get the job done during winter. Keep your feet tight and protected while showing off the aesthetics of a high-end designer brand for a fraction of the cost!

Black Leather Ankle Boots

The Rebel
Get the rebellious ‘Dr. Marten’ look by throwing on some of these bad boys. There's a reason this look has been a mainstay among fashion icons as the go-to boot style. A perfect pick to keep up with colder temperatures.

Feiyue Fleece High-Top Sneakers

The Feather
Are you tired of your average heavy winter shoes? Ever wanted to wear light, comfortable shoes during winter, but it was way too cold? Feiyue has got your back.

Korean Style Black Dress Shoes

The Standout Piece
Keep it classy with these simple, yet original Korean-style low-top leather shoes. Subtle tone, extravagant look.

The North Face Climbing Sneakers

The Resistant
Don’t miss The North Face’s perfect combination of a sneaker and a hiking shoe. You simply can’t go wrong with these. One more reason to never stop exploring!

Converse X Golf Le Fleur Sneakers

The Creative
Rapper, producer and fashion designer Tyler the Creator gets credit for the Golf Le Fleur. Step into his Converse collaboration and impress your friends with this unique statement piece.

Grey Velvet High-Top Fur Sneakers

The Casual
Keep your feet warm in fur while having a long, casual walk through the city center in these comfortable velvet high-top sneakers.

Crocs Fleece Boots

The Lazy
Not all Crocs have holes! These fleece-lined boots give you all the comfort of the Crocs material with the warmth, water-resistance and durability of a solid winter boot.