12 Sweet Ways To Decorate Your Child’s Bedroom

Most of us can still remember some details from our childhood bedroom with fondness. Even though your dad has now converted it to his man cave. Here's how to create a bright, lovely bedroom for your little one.

Giraffe Height Wall Sticker

Who didn't have one of these growing up? They are also a great way to compete with siblings.

Portable Ball Pit

It's always fun to take your child to play in a ball pit, but you never know what kind of germs they might pick up from the other kids. Have them play in one at home instead!

3D Lightswitch Sticker

Remember to tell your kid not to water this plant.

Soft Padded Wallpaper

This provides a nice touch to a bedroom and offers some extra protection for little ones that are just learning how to walk.

Whiteboard Wall Stickers

Some kids like to take to a white wall with a box of crayons. Steer them towards a whiteboard instead!

Decorative Wall Hooks

Perfect for storing cute little jackets and backpacks.

LED Camping Light

Create a campsite in a bedroom for a fun night in!

Children's Creative Mirror

We won't judge you if you want this for your own bedroom...

Round Plush Rug

No more cold toes!

Cartoon Wall Clock

Teach your kid how to tell time without needing to check a cell phone.

Cartoon Mini Sofa

Choose from a dinosaur, bear and more!

Children's Indoor Tent

Your kid might want to sleep in here more than their bed!

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