12 Teaching Tools You Didn’t Know You Needed

Being an English Teacher can be hard... sometimes, okay? Having to battle through the unenthusiastic kids and the too enthusiastic kids takes a lot of work. Here at Baopals, we got you. Have a look at 12 things you didn't know you needed before you started teaching, everything to get you⁠— and your students⁠— through the school week.

The Classroom

If you have your own classroom you're one of the lucky ones! If, like most of us, you spend your breaks running between classrooms, then these products can easily be taken with you⁠— or left in your office until a time of need.

Lucky Draw Box

An easy way to interact with a variation of students. Put everyone's names, or student numbers, into the box and... voila! Whoever gets drawn must answer the question. Can also double up as a Lucky Draw Box for students to put their suggestions in for lessons, or things that they are struggling with.

Hedbanz Game

We all know the feeling... you've gone through all your lesson plan, you look at the clock, there's still 10 minutes left on it. Hedbanz can fill that 10 minute void. It can be played in small teams, or as a class. Lead by example and wear the first headband, you'll definitely engage them and look like a fool.

Chalk Holder

Fed up of putting your jacket on after class only to find it covered in chalk dust? This is the answer to your prayers! Carry this chalk holder with you everywhere to avoid it happening ever again.

The Students

On our site you can find something to keep every age group entertained, and hopefully, educated.

Washable Paints, 59ml Pots

This one is an essential for those teaching or babysitting younger kids. With these paints you no longer need to dread the look on parents faces when their child, or even their home, is covered in paint! Just leave clothes to soak for 15 minutes and the paint should disappear.


It is a well known fact that children love stickers. Use these as bribes... urm sorry... we mean prizes. Just make sure you have enough variety to stop kids fighting over one!!

English and Chinese Flashcards

A product perfect for those early learners who are still learning Chinese as well as English (and for those teachers whose Chinese is non-existent). Includes pictures and a QR code to take you to a website to supplement the cards⁠— genius!

The Teachers

This section has everything and anything a teacher could ever need⁠— from the practical, to the TGIF feeling products. If you work in a training center and have forgotten the TGIF feeling, we apologize, but you might still find this useful!

USB Flash Drive With Anti Virus

A must-have. We have heard too many horror stories of teachers getting viruses from school computers and losing all their work! Learn from their mistakes and get a USB stick with built in anti-virus protection to stop your files from getting corrupted.

Microphone Headset

Struggling to be heard in a class of 50 students? Then this is the item you need. Although you may look like a pop star from the 00s with this on, try to restrain from giving your class a rendition of 'Oops I Did it Again' and just stick to the textbook.

Classroom Bell

If the microphone just isn't cutting it, get your hands on this bell. Perfect for those moments when absolutely no-one in the class is listening, as an added bonus it stops you from having to shout!

Portable Hand Sanitizer

Let's face it, kids can be gross at times. The solution? Take this everywhere with you. Attach the cute case to your school bag and you'll never need to feel unhygienic again!

Vitamin C Effervescent Tablet

Another precautionary product. For those days where you've got the beginnings of a cold, or accidentally drank too much on a school night...

Yellow Tail Gift Box

A present to you, from you. Celebrate getting through another week having not: caught too many germs, lost your voice, or corrupted all your lesson plans, with this Yellow Tail wine gift box. Sharing is optional.