12 Video Games You Won’t Be Able To Put Down

Now that E3 has happened, the clock is ticking for new games to come out! To satisfy your gaming hunger, we've made a collection of all of our favorite video games that Baopals has to offer. Be sure to check out the Games Department for more great options!

God of War

Kratos is back baby. Play as Kratos as he and his son Atreus tackle any mission and monster ahead of them. No challenge is too big, and no foe is too much for Kratos and his son. God of War returns with the nostalgic and improved combat system.

Nier Automata

Nier Automata is an action-adventure role playing game published by Square Enix. This game is set in the midst of a war between alien made machines and the last remains of humanity. Do you have what it takes to settle the score?

Detroit Become Human

In Detroit: Becoming Human you take control of three androids: Kara, Connor, and Markus. These characters can either live or die based on your dialogue choices, and each story is customized by the player. What will you choose?

Uncharted 4

"Every treasure has its price," is the tagline for this game and this could not be more true. Set three years after Uncharted 3, Nathan Drake sets out to find a buried treasure worth over $400 million. Battle enemies, experience high speed chases and take in the scenery in this new Uncharted video game.


Many people once came to Yharnam with the hope of curing their major illnesses and diseases. Now, Yharnam is ravaged by people who are infested with these diseases. It is your job to stop the source of the plague and escape the nightmare-ish city of Yharnam.

Monster Hunter World

Explore the mysterious and untouched New World in Monster Hunter World. The Old World has become populated and busy. It is your job to explore and settle the New World. Do you have what it takes to hunt monsters and keep the peace?

Assassin's Creed Origins

Travel back in time and explore the ancient buildings of Egypt in this latest Action-Adventure game from Ubisoft. But more importantly, solve a centuries-long conflict between the Brotherhood of Assassins, who fight for peace by promoting liberty. Restore the order, or be a footnote in history: You decide.

Forza Horizon 3*

Treck through the Land Down Under in stunning visual quality in Forza Horizon 3. Drive, handle or crash over 350 different cars in this latest Forza Installment. The only question is: Can you tame the horses under the hood?

Battlefield 1

With Battlefield 5 just announced, it's a great time to get back into the boots-on-the-ground, hard grit, action-packed series. Play alone in a single player campaign or together with friends online. Whatever your game mode is, it's nice to get back in the World War 1 setting.

Fallout 4

Explore the vast and not-so-lonely wasteland in the latest fallout game; Fallout 4. Customize weapons, complete missions, build structures and follow a storyline that you won't want to put down.

Rainbow Six Siege

Work together as a team or suit up solo in the hard-hitting, fast-paced, multiplayer game; Rainbow Six Seige. Feel the rumble of your controller as chaos ensues in hard-hitting game modes such as Outbreak, Situations, Bomb, and so much more!

NBA 2K18

This is the latest installment in the highly acclaimed NBA 2K game series. In this version, you can play as the updated teams along with MyPlayer mode, MyLeague and many more options!

*Please leave Baopals customer service a note with your order to specify that you want the English version of this game.

Guest blogger Mitchell Zasa is studying Game Production Management at Champlain College in Vermont, USA. His favorite game series are Bioshock, Gears of War and Fallout. His favorite genre is survival horror.

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