14 Chinglish Shirts That Will Hurt Your Brain

You might think that these shirts just have a meaningless combination of random letters on them, but they are so much more than that.

Y Do?

If you have to ask this question then you just don't get it, and you never will. Sorry.


The way this girl rocks this dress is #guals.


See no evll, hear no evll, speak no evll.

My Booy, Bot Yours

My booy my rules.

Oh Im Sorry Did Ibreak Your Congentration Bad Mothgr

Just wait until you see the front of the shirt...

Mountains Real So So Cool

The bottom of the t-shirt reads: "Fasith witt moro mounshe".


The're always been a long-time rivalry between Papsl and Cuke. Which one do you prefer?

Theright To Open Arms

When you have theright to open arms, you get to walk around hugging whoever you want whenever you want.

A Freight Train Alow Clanking Westhound To Now Here

We'll never know why anyone would ever watch The Big Bang Theory, and we'll never know the meaning behind this shirt.

What Is It About That Happiest You

Ask yourself this question every morning and you'll live your life with purpose.

Make Misteaks

The person who designed this t-shirt is definitely taking their own advice!

Im Goon To Hell Anyway

Two Thousand Nineteen durty may have already passed, but if you're goon to hell anyways you really had no reason to improve your behavior.

Never Give Up On You Dreams

The only dream you should give up on is learning how to speak grammatically correct English.

Man Does Not Comprehend Its Worth

Nothing to laugh about here. Just some cold hard facts.

Have A Awsome Day

We'll conclude with some good vibes from this t-shirt. Spelling and grammar aren't important when the message is so sweet!