15 Classic & Modern Outdoor Games

Whether you are an old school boules player or love to try the latest outdoor games, we think you will agree they make any day in the park, family barbecue or party with friends better — especially when things get weird and competitive.


Boules, Pétanque, Bocce Ball or Lawn Bowls, whatever you call it or however you play it — it is a lawn game classic. If you prefer the colorful set, have a look here.


"Frikkin sweet, Heavy duty Slack line. Super long and perfect for those summer days in the garden."

- Dandan


This fancy sounding lawn game is a fun family activity. There is also a cute kindergarten age version.


 Spikeball or Roundnet is a ridiculously fun beach and park game. There are different rules and variations, so it never gets old!

Beer Pong Table

Make drinking a sport! Just remember to watch those elbows.

Pickle Ball

Pickleball is easy for anyone to pick up and you can chat (or trash talk) while you play. You do need a tennis court or asphalt to play it, though.

Giant Playing Cards

These are ideally used for drinking games  (try Horse Race), as they are hard to lose and easy to read cross-eyed.

Giant Jenga

You have probably seen pictures of Giant Jenga somewhere, but have you ever tried it?

Giant Yahtzee

Make your own outside Yahtzee with these large wooden die and by printing your own score cards.

Cornhole Bean Bag Toss

Have you never managed to win anything at fairs and carnival booths? Get some practice in and finally win that teddy bear!

Blindfolded Bashing

I don't think we need to explain why this will be fun.


If playing games isn't really your thing, you can stage a performance instead!

Team Building Games

There is a large selection of team building activities here if you want to incorporate them in your next event or just want to have a friendly competition with friends.

Caterpillar Race

Oh, you are great at the three-legged race? Try this for a real challenge.

Group Drum Balance

This activity takes a lot of coordination and concentration, but it is amazing once everyone gets in-sync.

Never Ending Slide

It ends when the first team gives up from exhaustion!