15 Cold-Weather Goods Baopals Customers Are Loving Right Now

What are some of the best products to help you fight the cold on Baopals? We’ll let our customers tell you!

Winter Martin Boots

Scooter Wind Shield

Warm Lined Earmuffs

- Mygdalia

Warm Cotton Socks

I bought the "thick" version, and they are truly wonderful.

Lined Slim Jacket

Hubs loves it. Nice warm lining!
- tracewhite11

Warmed Lined Sweatpants

My husband loves them. My mom even bought 2 pairs to take home to my dad when she saw them.

Maternity Winter Coat

Color choices are limited but for the price this jacket is decent for the winter months if you want to keep you and baby warm while wearing a carrier. Have used with ergobaby and Moby wrap, covers both well. Warm fleece inside, canvas style outer fabric blocks wind ok but some might find the arms a bit short...
- pitibean

Fleece Lined Blanket

My friends know this as "The Blanket of Death". It is very easy to get trapped under and not move for hours due to its warm and snuggly nature. Beware of cuddles under the Blanket of Death too as this often leads to naps. Perfect gift for people who need to be warmed from the soul.
- SiriMaia

Cotton Padded Jacket

So warm, perfect fit, exactly as advertised thanks
- Bronwen

Star Wars Jumpers

Thick and cosy for winter. Did not have high hopes but actually the quality is pretty good and delivery was fast.
- Anonymous

Non-Slip Winter Slippers

Warm and cozy but also very durable
- peculiarturtle

Plush Chair Cushion

- Anonymous

Plush Mattress Topper

This mattress makes my night! Soft and cozy.
- Anonymous

Delong Space Heater

This heater is the perfect size for a room and it comes with a rack for hanging clothes. I use it everyday and have had no problems or concerns about it.
- ktrueman

HUGO Hot Water Bottle

This is perfect for making you warm during the cold months.
- Anonymous