15 Essentials All College Students Need

A new semester has just begun. We’ve found all of the stuff a college student could ever want for a productive and successful school year. Jia you!

Don't miss any deadlines and do your very best to be productive everyday. Or just plan out your nap schedule.

Sticky Note Set

From ¥19.64

Mark the important parts in the chemistry book that you're pretending to read.

Try not to highlight your whole textbook.

Everyone makes mistakes. That's why we have correction tape.

The iPhone X has launched. So the iPhone 7 and 8 will get a price cut. That means you will finally be able to buy an iPhone eraser.

Flashcards are the fastest and easiest way to learn and remember new information. And you can bring them anywhere with you too!

Stride Chewing Gum


Multiple studies have shown that chewing gum can improve concentration and memory. Better give it a try!

Energy drinks are a student's best friend.

If you haven't had instant noodles in college, are you even in college?

It's really important to stay hydrated. It will make you feel more fresh and awake during your study sessions.

Glass Lunch Box


Try to prepare some easy homemade meals yourself, rather than eating cafeteria food every single day.

Metro card, student card, room key card, and bank card... check!

Wireless Mini Earphones


Remember the days when we all had to hide our earphones to listen to music in class? Well now we have wireless earphones that won't get you in any trouble!

If you are experiencing a pesky coughing classmate, grab some hand sanitizer before you go out.

You'll need these earplugs if it ever gets awkwardly "noisy" in the room next to you in the dorms.