15 Healthy Snacks For A Busy Lifestyle

If you’re always on the move or keeping up with a fast-paced lifestyle, it can get pretty hard to fit in some healthy foods. Ditch the fast food for some more nutritious options with our wide selection of healthy snacks that you can easily grab as you head out the door. Here are some of our guilt-free faves that are perfect for on-the-go and taste so good, you definitely won’t miss those chips and sweets.

Gluten & Sugar Free Nut Bar, 30g

Hey, so we all still might not be 100% sure what exactly gluten is, but either way this nut bar makes for a great healthy snack.

Nupo Meal Replacement Slimming Milkshake

In a hurry and need to get in a quick meal? Grab your favorite flavor and go! This shake is also great if you're looking to slim down without going on a restrictive diet.

Nupo Protein Bite, 40g

These bars are low in fat and calories, and packed with protein. Pack them in your gym bag for a quick boost after a grueling work out.

Karen Volf Low-Carb Müslibar, 100g

Müslibar is a great source for fuel when you feel your energy levels running low. Plus, the chocolate in them is a great pick-me-up for when that late-afternoon slump hits.

Tom's Farm Almonds, 50g

These Korean snacks are loaded with healthy fats from almonds, and come in cute little snack-sized bags that can easily be stowed away while you're out. Good luck choosing from the many tasty varieties (or try them all!)

Sugar-Free Biscuits, 350g

Munch on these tasty oatmeal biscuits when you're feeling snacky. From matcha to cranberry to dark chocolate, there's so many all-natural options to choose from as well.

Mr. Free'd Kale Chips 135g

Eat your superfoods in your favorite snack forms! These kale tortilla chips are also gluten-free and plant-based.

Nature Valley Protein Bars, 40g

These come in a variety of delicious flavours, and come from all-natural ingredients too! Carry one or two in your bag to snack on while you're running errands or at work.

Doctor Grain Rice Cakes, 80g

Get those good grains in with these rice cakes that are light and crunchy. They're also great for spreading your favorite jam or peanut butter on too!

GNC Blueberry Yogurt Lean Bar, 50g

These bars make for a deliciously fruity, yogurt-y treat and are a super convenient (and tasty) way to get your protein in when you're on the move.

Trefoil Dried Dates, 500g-1500g

Naturally sweet and packed with nutrients, dried dates are an excellent snack to have with you. Mix them with some of your favorite nuts as well!

Clif Bar, 72g

Clif Bars are always a great go-to for some much-needed energy. Plus, they're loaded with the protein and carbs you need for all the gains.

Jack Link's Jerky, 50g

Craving something saltier to snack on? Try out some smoked, low-fat and low-calorie beef jerky.

SOYJOY Fruit and Soy Energy Bars

Looking to get some more soy in your life? Soyjoy energy bars are packed with fruit and plant-based protein for all the nutrients you need to snack your way through the day.

Bibigo Oven Baked Seaweed Crisps, 20g

Seaweed crisps are definitely one of the best Asian snacks out there. These are light and crunchy, so perfect to munch on while on the go.