15 Must Haves For Your Workspace

Transform your workspace into the best place to stay inspired, entertained and hustlin'.
Simple Office Desk Mat

This desk mat helps you keep your papers, memos, photos, receipts and more organized and easy to access.

Wooden Desktop Storage Rack

Get your desk (and your life) together! It also makes a great place to hide snacks.

Metal Laptop Stand

A multi-functional laptop stand creates additional space and makes your workspace 100% professional and badass.

Wooden Calendar Desktop Storage Box

Does your desktop storage tell you what day it is like ours does?

Mini Potted Plants

Add a little green to your workspace so you can feel fresh every day.

Mini Cactus Humidifier

Keeping a humidifier on your desk keeps you hydrated, improves breathing and prevents nosebleeds caused by deadline-induced stress.

Endless Note Roll

When your to-do list literally just doesn't end.

Inspirational Wall Art Prints

Decorate your walls and inspire your soul at the same time!

Weekly Planner Board

Plan the week ahead with this handy planner and feel more calm, cool and collected when Monday comes around.

Mini Basketball Game

When you have deadlines but also need to practice for the big game tonight.

Mini Desktop Bowling

A bowling table so small your boss won't even realize that you are slacking off.

Creative Mini Drum

When your look says accountant, but your heart says rock and roll.

Coffee Cup Wall Clock

Oh, it's coffee time. Again!

Wire Wall Grid Shelf

Store supplies and folders on this easily accessible rack to keep your desktop and mind uncluttered.

Vintage World Map Prints

Many people have world maps prints. But they don't have anything like this!