15 Ultra Hip & Ultra Powerful Power Banks

If you live in China your mobile phone is no doubt a big part of your life. We all know there’s nothing more inconvenient than a phone than is running low on battery when you have important WeChat stickers to send your friends, so we’ve found several creative power banks to keep your phone juiced up all day long.

Retro Game Console 10000mAh Power Bank

You can play real games on it. 'Nuff said.

Cute Mini Bus 10000mAh Power Bank

All aboard the full battery bus.

Classic Grenade 5000mAh Power Bank

Might want to be careful about travelling with this one...

Alcohol Flask 10000mAh Power Bank

And this one you definitely need to travel with!

Funny Faces 10000mAh Power Bank

One for your every mood: unamused, sad and silly.

Arcade Game 10000mAh Power Bank

A retro look for a modern product.

Cute Bear 5000mAh Power Bank

Why? Because it's cute.

Teddy Bear 3350mAh Power Bank

This teddy bear comes with a convenient strap so you can carry it around your wrist and look super cute while doing so.

Cassette Tape 10000mAh Power Bank

Your children won't even know what this is. Do you feel old yet?

Retro Oldschool Computer 6000mAh Power Bank

And we aren't even sure what this one is.

Plush Frog 10000mAh Power Bank

Soft and cuddly, it's everything you could ever want in a power bank.

Pokeball 12000mAh Power Bank

How are you gonna catch 'em all if you don't have any power?

Plush Banana 10000mAh Power Bank

Obviously the coolest power bank in this article.

Sailor Moon 8000 MAh Power Bank

If you don't know about the Crystal Star, then we can't be friends.

Captain America Shield 6800mAh Power Bank

Let Captain America's shield protect you from the horrors of not being able to play games on your phone while on the toilet because your phone is dead.