15 Unbelievable Services Sold on Baopals

Just when you thought things couldn't possibly get more weird and crazy on Baopals, we've found several services offered on the platform that really take things to the next level. Take a look for yourself!

Parent Visit


In China, visiting parents frequently is a sign of respect and filial piety. If you're a good kid but lack the time and money to visit, this service lets you outsource your love by paying someone to visit them for you.

We all know what it's like to get really irritated or angry with someone. However, they aren't always someone you can afford to get angry at, whether it's your boss, client or mother-in-law. Purchase this item and give the vendor a call. Scream whatever obscenities you want at them and you'll feel much better!

If you're more of the "talented but lazy" type of student, the vendor has a website where students can submit their work and check if any parts of their essays overlap with those of others.

Special SMS Messages


Too shy to express your romantic interest in someone? These service providers will help you send over a customized message with a phone number that spells out “I love you forever”. How romantic, and not creepy at all!

IQ Recharge

From ¥3.89

If you are in desperate need of a boost in brainpower, get an IQ recharge for a cheap price and become smarter instantly. 60% of the time it works everytime.

Morning Call

From ¥8.30

Are you tired of setting ten alarms on your phone everyday, only to press snooze and sleep through all of them? Buy yourself this wake up alarm; the vendor will call you until you wake up and answer.

Supervision Service


Possibly the best service for all the procrastinators out there. This effective yet creepy supervision service will give you the motivation to exercise, study and stick with all the other New Years resolutions you abandoned months ago. They are always watching.

Bargain Helper


It can be difficult to bargain when you're in a foreign place trying to speak a different language. This vendor claims to help you get what you want for a lower price with his/her professional bargaining skills.

Telephone Actor

From ¥7.25

Do you need to get out of an unfavorable situation you never asked to be in? Pay and ask one of these telephone actors to help you escape. They'll call you and make up a crazy scenario that demands that you leave right away.

Everyone gets sad sometimes, but not everyone has someone to talk to about it. This consolation service will help you cope with grief and accompany you until you feel better.

Some may wonder if their boyfriend is truly loyal to them. With this service, you can test his feelings for you behind his back. This is by far the healthiest way to deal with trust issues.

If you’re a few steps away from a broken relationship, seek assistance from the almighty relationship savers. They will provide you with a one-on-one consultation on how to save your love.


Rather than going to a legitimate vet and spending thousands of yuan when your pet is ill, ask this totally reliable online vet to help for less than 10 RMB!

Gaming Companion

From ¥12.50

Reserve a gaming master to teach you step by step how to game so that you can kick the asses of all your friends.

If you feel lonely running by yourself, or need some motivation to keep going, simply order a good-looking partner to run with!