15 Ways to Optimize Your Space

Spacious apartments are hard to come by in China, but fortunately there are several elegant, multi-use storage solutions out there that will have your apartment looking and functioning at its best.
Full Length Floor Mirror

This large mirror is perfect for creating the illusion that you have more space in your apartment than you actually do. Other suggested uses are looking yourself dead in the eye and saying "You are the greatest!" every morning.

Epic Bedside Storage Cabinet

If you can dream it, you can store it in this bedside cabinet that can just about do it all. Now you have the perfect excuse to stay in bed beyond what is considered healthy.

Umbra Buddy Hooks - Set of 3

Fun and whimsical addition to any room. Buddy's arms, legs and head give you space for hanging your essentials. Seems a bit cruel to pile weight on the poor guy, but he just keeps hanging on. Inspirational.

YiZhi TV Cabinet & Coffee Table Set

Chic, minimal, functional. If this doesn't sound like you, minutes before guests arrive simply open all the drawers in the TV cabinet or coffee table, and in one sweeping motion shove all the table clutter inside.

Rotatable Bamboo Bookshelf

Available in layers of 3-6 in a variety of styles, this snazzy rotating bookshelf is the perfect way to showcase your many leather-bound books or DVD collection. Rich mahogany scent not included.

SOFSYS Folding Table

Perfect for a romantic dinner date just the two of you or even a whole family reunion dinner party.

Pine Wood Wall Rack, Shelf & Hanger

Leave your house feeling a little bit more put together thanks to the ingenuity of this combination shelf, rack and hanger. Check, check and check.

Creative Multifunction Table & Bookshelf

A table that can transform into a bookshelf in 1 second, now that's the future!

Deer King Jewelry & Accessories Rack

Now you can organize those earrings, necklaces, rings, gold chains and brass knuckles on the antlers of a majestic deer. You'll wonder how you ever managed before.

Creative Multifunction Table & Bookshelf

A table that can transform into a bookshelf in 1 second, now that's the future!

Modern Bar Table & Shelf

This chic table and shelf number can make the very essential switch from a home office desk to home bar in a matter of minutes.

Adjustable Laptop Bridge Desk

No room in your apartment for a desk and chair? This rolling desk can fit comfortably over a bed and even double as a standalone bench.

Likuai Storage Lockers with Wheels

These storage lockers from Japan are conveniently equipped with wheels, so you can roll 'em wherever you fancy.

Rudian Hanging Bubble Chair

Give the room that instant wow factor with a super cool hanging bubble chair. The glass swallows external sound and leaves you at peace in a calm, comfortable bubble.

Cushion & Table Combo Piece

A dual-sided winning combination of a lap-sized table and cushion. Do some work and reward yourself with a nap all in one swift motion.