16 Chinglish Tops You Needed Yesterday

Chinglish shirts will always be a light in otherwise dreary times. Enjoy these ridiculous yet hilarious prints that are sure to make you crack a smile.

Journey Through The

We don't know what we're journeying through, but we're excited about it

I'm Perfect

This one could almost be Shakespeare.

Such Cute

Is this a new Paris Hilton catch phrase?

Dream Not Be Broken By Reality

Apparently bad grammar is also not broken by reality

(Brilliant) Green

Almost seems like the sweatshirt is the wrong color...

Piggy Girl

"What to eat today, what to drink today, today is also a cute girl"

Better New Idea

This one is clearly made for aspiring intellectuals.

Just To See You One Eye

Sounds like a romance movie gone wrong.


You could say this design is so good it's almost... supreme.

Have Pondered

Another great one for the more philosophical members of society.

Start; If You Don't Have A Fight

We appreciate the specific exception given.


If you like the pattern, why not state what it is?


The skateboarding company we all know and love: Tarashfr

Just Because You

Could be romantic, could be the start of a criticism, we'll never know!


We're all about supporting the environment.