16 Inspiring Chinglish Tops

In these uncertain times we are all looking for something to lift our spirits. What else would we turn to, but the unfailingly uplifting weirdness of Chinglish shirt prints?

The Unspeakable Telepathy Of Love

If this was a movie, we'd already be crying.

A Lone Bongo Incessantly Beating

If you hear this sound on a quiet night, you might just see the light.

Save The Lady Ocean

Elegantly environmental.

Be Nice Or Leave

Solving the world's problems all at once.

May The Shadow Be With You

Star Wars in the darkest timeline.


We don't know what it is, but we know it is life.

Promise Me Anything

Please let it be a Hamm's sandwich.

Dental Hygiene 101

Just a gentle reminder.

More Action To Be Done

Is it a good start though? Is it really?

Sign Up Here

Ah, the famous no-diving diving club. Only for loners of course.

Get Rich or Die Tryin'

Oscar-nominee Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson in a movie with a questionable message and probably a lot of swearing.

Coffee & Confidence

The two pillars of civilization.

A Special Year Fighting

Finally combining two of our favorite things: surfing and fighting.

You Are Not Paying

Don't wear this too often.

I Am Very Happy On The Beach

Aren't we all? Especially with the Beachles playing.

Emales of He Future

A nice gift for a member of the patriarchy.