16 (Totally Necessary) Chinglish Tops

A selection of shirts so good that everyone will want to steal your style...

Cheap As Chips

Finally, a top to show everyone how much you love chips!

Couple Goals

Cute, but slightly threatening, matching couples vests. Definitely do not keep any secrets while wearing this vest.

Gacoi & Dbadban

Dolce & Gabbana's long lost siblings.

Like This Color?

If you like this color, you can get it in every other color!!

Libeika African Elephant

For all the David Attenborough fans out there.

The Mustard Seed Germinates

The most important bits are highlighted, obviously.

Add She Ssr Esseg So Do Dde She Ssrensse

'She Believed She Could So She Did', but more catchy!


Pineappie: the new and improved pineapple.

Matter In My Greatness

This jumper is made for humble people only.


Thrasher's skateboarding magazine rival.

Light Vied With Wine

The most elegant of ladies are always found drinking wine with 'light vied'.

Fherry Bome

Much less dangerous than a Cherry Bomb.

This Journey Chest Means

The key to a new journey is on your chest- literally.

Ever Since The Night Gaveme Biames The Future of Those Eyes is Yoursame

We'd be concerned about the future of my eyes too if I had a hat permanently covering them.

Oregon's Whisky Neat

Someone from Oregon told us whisky isn't even made there, which makes this top even weirder than it already is.


Hooray! Finally a top with the correct spelling... oh wait. So close, yet so far.