18 Cute & Cuddly Animal Themed Mugs

Who doesn’t like a good, cute mug? Especially one that is animal themed! These animal mugs make for an amazing gift for all ages, and are great for sipping a delicious beverage at home or at the office.

Be sure to view the products for additional styles and colors.

Shiba Inu Home Mugs

Give a cute shiba inu pup a home in your mug.

Animal Mug & Spoon Set

Choose from over 20 styles of mugs that include a cute cover and spoon.

Cute Animal Mugs

These mugs come with an optional gift box, spoon and coasters.

Cute Dinosaur Mugs

The cutest dinosaur mugs ever!

3D Animal & Dinosaur Mugs

And if you prefer your dinosaurs a little more realistic, we've got some options for you too.

Animal Bath Mugs

Give an animal a bath in milk, tea, coffee or...whisky.

Kissing Elephant Mugs

Share these cute, kissing mugs with someone cute that you want to kiss.

3D Animal Mugs

Some of our bestselling mugs on Baopals!

Dog Breed Mugs

Choose the one that looks the most similar to you.

Subtle Cat Mugs

This mug is like a cat...elegant and mysterious.

Owl Mug Sets

These mugs are a real hoot.

Leo Lionni Animal Mugs

Choose from beloved characters like Frederick the mouse and Cornelius the crocodile.

Unicorn Mugs

Let everyone know that you are secretly a unicorn.

Hungry Animal Mugs

These animals are hungry!

Giraffe Mug & Teapot Set

This multipurpose giraffe mug and teapot double as a unique household decoration.

Marine Life Mugs

Choose from a seal, penguin, whale or mermaid!

Animal Butt Mugs

A mug with a view.

Animal Mugs With Legs

Never worry about knocking over a mug again.

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