18 Foods Baopals Customers Are Loving Right Now (Pt. 2)

What are some of the best food items on Baopals? We’ll let our customers tell you! Click on any username to view their user profile.

Musli 50% Fruit Nuts Oatmeal, 750g

- eezo13

Cheesy Frozen Pizza, 640g

Trolli Gummy Burgers, 108g

Mother Earth Natural Peanut Butter, 380g

Cheetos, 255g

I am so glad to find cheetos. They only have chicken flavor in stores, so glad when I found cheese ones online.

Vegan Black Pepper Imitation Pork Chops, 250g

It’s vegan junk food, but oh so yummy.

German Style Pretzel, 85g

A pretzel fit for German! Good stuff, you won't regret it.
- Maxwell

Bequ Cheddar Cheese, 250g

Nice Taste. Not as sweaty as the Irish cheese.
- Mehdi72

Flevomel Imported Milk, 1L * 6

- Ldeloresmoore

Lea & Perrins Worcestershire Sauce, 290ml

The real deal. So saucy, goes well in meat and tomato based dishes, add to shepherds pie.
- mermaidmyth

Carretilla Canned Olives, 390g

Absolutely love olives. Been eating a can of these bad boys every night and don't plan on stopping anytime soon!

Jinda Max 5 Chocolate Bars, 420g

Best little chocolates I've ordered. Very nutty and tasty. Well priced.
- kylek94

Moli Macaroni Pasta, 500g

Each bag holds 500g of macaroni. For 10rmb a bag, it's a steal. Ordered this along with 5 pounds of cheddar cheese. Made enough mac and cheese to feed a small village. Extra tasty 🙂
- Cramson

Lesieur French Mayonnaise, 425g

Much better than Hellman’s. The French sure know how to make mayonnaise. Arrived quickly and beautifully packaged.
- GingerCat

Low-Fat Rye Bread, 700g

This is so very delicious. Tastes homemade. Tear off a piece and enjoy.
- abdulmuhib

Nestle Expresso Intenso Coffee Capsules * 16

Ordered countless times, prompt delivery and quality product.
- lizfarth

Kirkland Pistachios, 1360g

This is a big bag and it is lasting me ages. Great for the odd snacking session.
- Reda