18 Halloween Costumes Kids Will Love

It’s spooky season again, and that means it’s time for a holiday that every kid loves: Halloween! There are tons and tons of options out there to get your kids looking as adorable and spooky as possible. Baopals has everything you need to dress up the kids this year, meaning this Halloween is about to be less about stress and more family fun (and candy) for everyone!

Classic Costumes

Thinking about sticking to tradition this year or keeping it simple? Below are some cute Halloween classics.


Who has time to carve jack-o-lanterns when you can BE the pumpkin instead? This adorable onesie comes with a little hat, and you can even buy a matching pumpkin bag to store all those treats.


Bewitch everyone with this cute set that comes with options for both boys and girls.


Animal Costumes

Animal costumes are also wildly popular this time of year, and there are so many to choose from out there! Dress the kids up as warm and cuddly with any of these great options below. You can also check out our full selection of kids’ animal costumes here.

Cow Onesie

A "dairy" adorable choice for the little ones!


This is a full set, complete with a fuzzy little mask that has cat ears!


Dress up as China's favourite (and probably its cutest) animal in this cozy costume.

Pop Culture Costumes

If there’s one thing kids love, it’s their television and movie characters. Now they can be their TV and film faves for Halloween with these classic options below.

Finding Nemo

Bring this childhood favorite film to your Halloween festivities with this Nemo costume that is beyond adorable.

Star Wars

The force is strong with this little one. Choose between being a stormtrooper, or a scavenger like Rey.

Pirates of the Caribbean

Who doesn't love Pirates of the Caribbean? Become Jack Sparrow this Halloween with this product, complete with that fancy pirate hat.

Superhero Costumes

Never meet your heroes…become them instead for Halloween! Get that cape and mask on your kids so that they’re ready to save the world, and look cute while doing it.


Now your kids can wield Thor's hammer, and the power of an Asgardian in this costume.


Gotham's tiniest yet mightiest heroes come to save the day in these sets that come with options for both boys and girls!

Captain America

Avengers, assemble! Of course, this Captain America costume also comes with that trademark shield.

Fairytale Costumes

Little Red Riding Hood

Costume up as one of the most popular fairytales this year, minus the big bad wolf.


Be the knight in shining armour this year and defend your kingdom of trick-or-treat loot.


If your kid has ever said that they want to grow up to be a princess, they won't need to wait anymore! This gown comes with a cute cape, height-based options and, of course, a tiara.

Occupation Costumes

Police Officer

Did someone call the bai an? This adorable set comes with a little tie and fake gun!


There is nothing cuter than a little doctor or nurse out for Halloween night. Pick and choose which your kid wants to be!

Racecar Driver

Look like a true Formula 1 pro with this driver's outfit. Vroom, vroom!

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