18 Home Goods Baopals Customers Are Loving Right Now

What are some of the best home goods on Baopals? We’ll let our customers tell you! Click on any username to view their user profile.

Moisture Absorbing Boxes * 9

Multi Functional Blender

Adhesive Drawer Liner

- Carolina

Window Cleaning Squeegee

The best way to clean the outside, hard to reach windows in apartments without risking your life!

Floor Wiping Slippers

This is one of the products I immediately recommend to the newbies. You spend so much time wandering around your apartment and its permanently dusty floors, so why not clean while you do it? It's so easy to wash both pieces individually, and they dry quickly. 10/10

Soft Long Pile Carpet

Love these rugs. They are cheap and make the apartment feel homey

Joyoung Toaster Oven

I bought this kind of toaster oven, used it almost every day, then moved cities. Since it couldn't fit in my luggage, I got rid of it. But when I moved in to my new apartment, I found I couldn't live without it and ordered this one (which is the exact same one). I wouldn't use another toaster oven.
- speercn

Cooker King Nonstick Frying Pan

Heavy bottom, excellent quality non-stick surface, even heat distribution. Highly recommended.
- sarahplusone

Nordic Style Knit Blanket

Came as described-- cozier than I expected. Solid buy!
- kaylakersey

Plastic Baby Highchair

Can’t fault this highchair, really simple design and easy to clean. Perfect!
- princessv23

Cast Iron Dutch Oven

I have a Le Creuset back at home, and I wanted an enameled dutch oven that wouldn't break the bank. I am honestly surprised by how good this pan is for the price. Don't expect the exact same thing, it's a little heavier but it heats up slowly and evenly and retains heat well. Love it!
- pnlove99

Precision Kitchen Food Thermometer

- mccallos

MLILY Memory Foam Mattress Pad

Ahhh, can't believe I waited so long to buy this mattress. I now look forward to going to sleep tonight 😉
- nathanmiller

Wire Storage Rack

Very good for closets organizing, good quality, fast delivery

Thick Couch Cushions

These pillows are awesome. I used them to replace old cushions on the back of our couch, and to decorate our guest bedroom. They look cute, and they're soft and comfortable.
- Anonymous

Rattan Lounge Sofa

Great and comfortable design! High quality!
- anirac2108

Creative Stool With Interior Storage

Love this little guy-- just the right height for a footstool & very easy to put together.
- kaylakersey

Simple Minimal Storage Cabinet

Cheap, but nice looking little shelf to keep all the random stuff organized instead of thrown onto the kitchen table.
- kulaniescalante

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