18 Pet Products Baopals Customers Are Loving Right Now

What are some of the best items on Baopals for our furry and scaly friends? We’ll let our customers tell you! Click on any username to view their user profile.

Feliway Classic Pheromone Spray

Covered Litter Box

- roykouchakgi

Slow Eating Pet Food Bowl

- Anonymous

Extendable Cat Carrying Case

Bought the Small size to transport a cat out of China. Perfect size for a small cat (12 lbs or less) or a kitten. Holds shape well, very sturdy and only 1 spot of tearing on mesh - clip claws before travel. Fits under an economy seat on a Boeing 767. The fold-out part makes it roomy so they can stretch out.

- Anonymous

Cat Tree & Scratch Post

- roykouchakgi

Cat Toy Set

- hannahlcoates

Automatic Laser Pointer

- alexfrohlich

Dried Doggy Treats, 40g

A good treat for good doggos. Photos for evidence.

- mrjaybird


Foldable Pet Carrying Backpack

- pitibean

Soft Donut Pet Bed

Our pug hasn't left it since it arrived. This is by far the most successful pet product we've bought... ever!

- Anonymous

Xiong Mai Surveillance Camera

- mariamsahakyan

Cute Decorative Tent

- gfoster1

Pet Food Storage Container

- Cramson

Rabbit Hay, 500g

- norawelander

Short Handled Dustpan & Broom

- meimei08

Mini Glass Aquarium

- kirstyice

Small Grain Fish Food, 10kg

- chinatyke

Turtle Platform

- Anonymous