18 Products Baopals Customers Are Loving Right Now

Did you know that you can now leave reviews for products you've purchased on Baopals? You can browse through thousands of genuine reviews on the Baopals homepage, and you can leave one of your own by clicking the Reviews tab while viewing any product and signing into your account. Here are some of the products Baopals customers are loving right now!

With this chalice, we will summon forth the great God Inebrius!

- Matt

This kettle was amazing. So amazing that my parents came for a visit and took it home with them. I am sad I lost it. Will purchase again.

- Arantxa

Beautiful mugs, good packaging, and fast delivery.

- Ellen

These are a good mimic for a certain expensive shoe brand that rhymes with "tacos". Size chart is spot on. Will get a lot of use out of these!

- Anonymous

Wasn't expecting this to be such good quality, I'm impressed.

- Brian

This fan does the same job as those that cost ¥300+. Quick delivery.

- Michelle

I hadn't dusted the inside of my PC in three years and the dust bunnies were threatening to colonize my whole apartment! This miracle in a can was delivered less than 24 hours after I ordered it. My lungs, my CPU, and my apartment are once again safe.

- Christine

I wasn’t expecting much for the price but wanted to get our kids a scooter while waiting for our belongings to arrive in China. I was very impressed with the quality. They are as sturdy as the expensive scooters we own. I have already ordered and received a second. Super fast shipping, both scooters came the next day.

- Anonymous

It's hard enough trying to find something that fits an American booty, but [haha, see what I did there?] this skirt makes me look and feel good, which is all a girl can as-k for [I'll stop :P]. It's stretchy but still classy since it's solid black and goes well with practically anything. I got it in 2x and I normally wear a 38-40 (Chinese sized) jeans. Yay, for a good plus sized find!

- Danielle

I always take this with me whenever I wear high heels or new shoes. It prevents blisters from forming or stops them from hurting and getting worse.

- Najet

This litter does as good as the litter I previously bought, and it’s only half the price. My boys swear it smells like strawberries. I don’t think so but who cares!

- Michelle

I was having my doubts when buying this wallet because the price is quite cheap, but when I got it feels like real leather, very soft and just looks beautiful! Highly recommend.

- Mariam

Delsey Trolley Suitcase

From ¥426.95

We ordered the pink in these and it was not the size we wanted. The seller took it back with no problems and sent us the new ones just as quickly. We just used them and they held up really well! They withstood 2 days travel and 3 transfers and didn’t dent or scratch or anything. They seem to very strong and are very attractive! I would buy more.

- Yasoda

Good quality, nice design, arrived in good time.

- Lizz

Denim Shoulder Bag


Roomy, sturdy, fashionable and feminine! The descriptions above don't tend to party together when buying a women's bag. But this beaut does all 4. Absolutely love it.

- Jessica

Very nice. For 2-1/2 years I have been without an American style feather pillow. This one is a perfect size and has the exact support and comfort level that I desired. The quality also appears fantastic. I am happy!

- Gregory

This is a huge ball of what I can only describe as the finest Dutch Edam I have tasted. Good texture and flavour. Be warned it is quite a hefty ball. I am going to struggle to finish it by myself.

- Reda

This coffee is a great roast, very fragrant and tasty. The house smells so good when it is brewed!

- Kepler