18 Products That Will Officially Make You An Adult

We often hear about the things we should have accomplished by the time we're an adult, but what about the things we should own? Here are the best products to get you on your way to adulting in no time. You might not have it even close to figured out yet, but now you'll at least look like you do!

It's time to own furniture that you didn't get used from an old roommate or that you convinced your landlord to let you keep.

Samsonite Cosmolite Suitcase

From ¥2,525.90

A suitcase will take part in some of the best moments of your life, so pick a good one that won't break when you need it most!

Lace Lingerie Set

From ¥89.89

Because you never know what might happen! You can save your underwear that you've had for 5+ years for a movie night at home.

It's time to assemble furniture, hang up photo frames and do basic household maintenance yourself. You're an adult now!

It might only be filled with old receipts and random coins, but owning a classy purse will make you feel like you really have your life together.

Cotton Luxury Bedding Set

From ¥143.45

Sink into some soft, comfortable sheets after a long day of acting like an adult. Needless to say it also might just impress any cuties you invite over to your apartment.

The perfect solution for a man that simply wants to look good. It's never been easier to look classy without any complications! Simply match it with denim, a white t-shirt and you're all done.

We've all daydreamed about sitting in our own apartment drinking wine at the end of a busy day. But it probably wasn't with some old mugs you stole from your old roommate.

Don't let your memories get lost in your old Facebook albums, Instagram feed or your long lost phone. Bring them to life!

Have you ever cut fresh food with a good quality knife? Well, it's amazing. You'll be so pleased when you don't have to hack away at something or worry about losing a finger.

Little Black Dress


It goes without saying that every grown woman needs a little black dress. You can just about wear it to any event, and nobody will realize it's the same dress if you style it with different accessories. That's adulting done right!

A smooth shave is a man's way of showing the world that he is someone you want to be friends with.

Okay so maybe the washing machine eats your socks sometimes. But that's no excuse to not wear matching socks anymore!

Nikon D5300 DSLR Camera 

From ¥3,366.95

Photography is a great hobby to pick up that gives you the satisfaction of creating something beautiful without the help of the filters all those young whippersnappers are using these days.

Delete that wai-mai app off your phone, head to Baopals Supermarket and try cooking something amazing for yourself or some friends! Now that's some grown up sh*t right there.

Becoming an adult means less sleep. So on the rare opportunity that you get to sleep in, you better make sure it's on a comfortable mattress!

Your baby face used to help you when you showed up late for something, but your cute and adorable looks are fading away. It's time to wear a nice watch!

Creative Pet Bed

From ¥43.90

Adulthood means a lot of stress and responsibilities, so you will definitely need something fuzzy to cuddle with. It has been proven that owning a pet helps people relax, and it will make you a happy animal yourself.