18 Super Fly 90s Throwbacks

Wazzzap? Songs have been written, movies have been made. Sometimes called the Golden Age, it holds a special place. They say that nostalgia runs in 20-year cycles, and that explains our long-time obsession with everything 90s.

Although those of us who grew up in the 90s might feel different about some of the hair and clothing choices we made, it always feels good being transported back in time.


Take yourself back to junior/middle school when the right pieces guaranteed the attention of the coolest kids.

Glitter Hair Clips

Spice up your life with a couple of glitter clips to keep your hair back while you dance.

Hair Scrunchies

Keep one on your wrist at all times for fashion and function.

Choker Necklace

Tap into your inner grunge girl with this black choker necklace.

Small Touches

It's always the small things that get their attention.

Fruity Lip Gloss

Wear extra shiny lipgloss so your crush will notice you.

KACO Gel Pens

If that doesn't work, try passing them a love note written in gel pen.

Nail Polish

Channel your inner Barbie (or Ken) with some soothing pastel colors on your nails.


Going 'retro' means we get to relive our highlights while still enjoying the benefits of high-tech.

Retro Game Console & Power Bank

Play your favorites from Gameboy, SEGA, PSP and more and stave off the boredom while you charge your gadgets at the same time.

Kodak C210 Instant Camera

Hold onto those special moments for 20 years from now, when you get to relive the 2020s.

Skullcandy Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

Go for the classic 90s look but with much better sound while you're on the move. You can shop a whole range of headphones here.


Step out like Gwen and feel confident in style.


Pair them with a pair of classic Doc Martens and you can't go wrong.

Bojack Horseman Tee

Pay tribute to the original 90s horsekid on the block with a thoughtful t-shirt.

Bomber Jacket

Look like the bomb dot com.


Some boots were made for walking but who has the time when you can wheel around instead?

Doc Marten Style Boots

For the love of all that is punk, you must add these to your next wishlist.

Heelys Shoes

The best way to get around town.

Jelly Baby Shoes

Remember these? Let's make them cool again.


Kit out your shelf or key chains, bags or clothing with these adorable mementoes.

Pokemon Pokeball Pins

Go catch 'em all when you pin these on.

Sonic The Hedgehog Keychain

Whatever you do, don't let this keychain fall into water.

Retro Troll Dolls

Recreate your childhood with a collection of trolls to watch over you at night.