18 Teacher-Approved Products

We are grateful for teachers and all that they do. So we’re looking to make their jobs just a little bit easier. What are some of the best games, tools and items to bribe students with on Baopals? We’ll let your fellow teachers tell you!

Electric Science Toy Set

It is great to use for teaching physics! It has everything you need to teach students about electricity. Awesome product! And fun to play with too!

- lindieduplessis

Extra Large Playing Cards

Lovely quality cards. I bought the largest size and they are perfect for teaching.

- Anonymous

Clip Board (Various Sizes Available)

If you are teacher, you need to be able to mark papers almost anywhere. This clip board is perfect. It's not exactly wood but it's sturdy enough. My coworkers ordered them as well.

- jonanna456

Deli Non-Toxic Crayons

I buy a lot of crayons for my job as a kindergarten teacher. These are really bright and kid safe.

- GarethDuff

Deli Whiteboard Wall Sticker

Perfect for just rolling up and popping in my bag and using anywhere that I might teach - coffee shop, office or even outside.

- MonkeyLoaShi

Various Animal Toy Sets

I like to use toys to teach my students about animals. These are great, especially since you get a male and female.

- Anonymous

Magnetic Ball Toy

These are quality magnets. The chrome finish looks great and they have powerful magnetism. I can't wait to use them to teach my son about magnetism.

- Bigwangbowski

Cute Children's Scissors

I bought these scissors to use in my primary school classroom. (I teach grades 1-4). Students love the little eyeballs on the scissors. The scissors cut really well, too and are safe for all students! After about a year of use, the scissors will become dull. I'm going to purchase more because they're a great deal at this price.

- Anonymous

Soft Cushion Dice

As a kindergarten teacher my students love using it in some lessons. I really recommend it and you can choose different sizes, but I bought the smaller one.

- Anonymous

Colorful Wooden Clips

As described- great for files, teaching, arts& Crafts, or hanging pictures.


Joking Hazard

My students love this game.. gotta take out the naughty cards.

- Acudatnola

Phone Storage Box

This cellphone assisted living center is a nice stained mahogany color and held together with rubber bands. Kind of tacky looking but it does the job. I use it for my class before we start the students place their phones in it.

- JordanFelder88

BiliBili Logo Mask

This was a hit with my students! You have to put it together, so make sure you allot time for construction! Instructions are self-explanatory: cut out the pieces, fold, and glue together. Package game with glue and various tools, so no need to buy supplies!

- Anonymous

1/3/5 Minute Hourglass

My students have not stopped playing with this since I placed it in my classroom. They observe it, talk about it, and try to figure out why the sand moves at different speeds. EXCELLENT for an elementary classroom.

- Mike Henry

Story Cubes

Getting students to write original content is always a challenge. The cubes kickstart the imagination and provide enough variety to ensure the work is complete and interesting. Ideal for intermediate to advanced.

- Stephen

Toy Gun & Games

I've already had great fun with this toy with my students.. even the adult ones!

- JMDriver

Sticker Variety Pack

Arrived quickly and in good condition. Good for introducing your students to the concept of bribery.

- azbedel

Electronic Countdown Timer

I use this for my students during math class. I place it on the projectors and students have a given amount of time until we move on to the next instructions. It works well with the digital book projectors and has a nice clear alarm tone. You can't seem to set it so the light stays on the time but its large display does the job.

- nileann

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