5 Chinese Cosmetics Brands People Are Loving Now

Korean and Japanese cosmetics have earned themselves a stellar reputation in recent years, but the Chinese cosmetics industry is currently on the rise! Many Chinese influencers have been raving about these five domestic labels.

Perfect Diary was established in 2016 in Guangzhou. This chic beauty label boasts minimalist, sleek products that are affordable without compromising on quality. Perfect Diary's products are designed to be easy to apply, so they're perfect for anyone new to makeup. Each product is tailored towards Asian skin types and marketed to keep up with China's ever-changing beauty trends. As a result, Perfect Diary is one of the most popular domestic makeup brands in China. Check out some of their products below!

Judydoll is an affordable brand boasting adorably-packaged makeup in a wide range of colors. They frequently release fun, new products, always staying one step ahead of China's makeup trends. Judydoll is extremely popular—their famous single eyeshadows, which come in 171 colors, have over 700,000 sales per month. Judydoll's products are great if you want to try something new: you'll have a lot of fun with their funky eyeshadow pairings, or their wide selection of face products.

Mao Geping is a makeup legend in China and he is also the founder of MAOGEPING cosmetics, one of China's major domestic brands. His makeup range was inspired by Chinese classical poetry, paintings and costumes that reflect the country's rich history. As such, the product packaging is luxurious and classy, with Chinese-inspired accents. MAOGEPING is a bit pricier than Judydoll and Perfect Diary, but his products are great basics that you'll end up using every day.

Chioture Cosmetics was established in 2009 and has been popular ever since. Their products, primarily made from natural ingredients, have been promoted by many Chinese Internet celebrities. Their products are extremely affordable—their liquid blush, for example, is only 19.9 RMB—and come in cutesy packaging. In addition to makeup, Chioture also offers skincare products, such as sheet masks and a moisturizing jelly.

Meiking's goal is to create natural make-up and skincare products that can work together to protect the skin. Their products are sold throughout the world, and their skincare line targets problem areas such as wrinkles and enlarged pores. Meiking's products are inspired by ancient China, with their tagline being "Let's make Chinese beauty even better". As such, their packaging features hints of ancient Chinese art—their lipsticks, for example, have Chinese-inspired clouds engraved on them. If you're looking for affordable beauty products that benefit your skin, Meiking is the way to go.